Zombiezee Money Slots

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video, bonus, 5-reel
Monsters, Halloween, Horror

Like zombies? And we're not talking the cutesy kind. We're talking the kind with rotting flesh, oozing pus, and droopy eyeballs. The kind with undead babies and squirming worms. If you're still reading this and blood and gore is your thing, welcome to Zombiezee Money Slots.

Zombiezee Money Slots Theme

Zombiezee Money Slots is a game designed to gross you out. Are you the kind of person who watches Walking Dead with your dinner? This is the online slot machine for you. Exposed bones, bloody chainsaws, and splattered brains. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Blood and guts aside, Zombiezee Money Slots is a horror-themed online video slot developed by Rival. This "easy money" (Zombiezee Money) slot features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. The estimated return to player (RTP) is 94.81%.

Zombiezee Money takes place during a zombie apocalypse with humans using chainsaws, pipe wrenches, and blow torches to defeat zombie nurses, walkers, children, babies, and the infected. Just to spin, you'll be touching exposed eyeballs and the game's logo is comprised of pus, worms, a rotting tongue, and an eyeball.

Zombiezee Money Slots Wins

During normal play, wins are acquired by matching consecutive symbols from left to right on an active payline. From most to least payout, the symbols are Full Moon, Infected Neck, Missing Eyeball, Blowtorch Human, Zombie Nurse, Zombie Girl, Chainsaw Human, Zombie Baby, and Pipe Wrench Human. Match at least 3 for a payout, 4 or 5 for a bigger win.

Zombiezee Money Slots Features

Wild symbols - the Zombie Hand symbol - replace any regular symbol to form a winning combination. Wherever possible, the Wild symbol will expand to fill the full reel to form even more winning combinations.

Scatter symbols - the Plague Sign symbol - award a payout anywhere on the slot. Find at least 3 to start Free Spins.

During Free Spins, find 3 or more Bonus Round symbols - the Brain symbol - to enter the Super Round for additional free symbols and a payout. If that wasn't enough, you can enter an additional Bonus Round during the Super Round, granting you more free spins and an additional payout. You'll just need to find 3 or more of the Metal Safe symbols during the Super Round.

Zombiezee Money Slots Review

Zombieezee Money Slots isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, or brains in this case. It's a fast-paced game with customizable bets and game speed through the game's menu, with a full spread of Super Rounds and Bonus Rounds to keep those free spins coming.

If you need any help with the game, support is at the ready at support@rivalpowered.com. If you need help with the zombie apocalypse, well… you're on your own.