Sugar Pop Slots

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5-reel, 3D, video
Food, Sweets, Popular Games

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugar Pop Slots from Betsoft. This candy-themed video slot wonderland is for fans of Candyland and Candy Crush and takes place in a cotton candy paradise. It's bright, it's cute, and it's got some big payoffs.

Sugar Pop Slots Payouts

SugarPop Slots is a 5 reel, 5 row online slot game. To get a payout, all you need to do is get a combination of three matching pieces of candy to touch each other. Line up 3 of the same candy in a row horizontally or vertically, or in an L shape. For a visual of how it works, select the View Pays menu in the game.

When the matching candy pops, it will disappear from the board to allow candy to drop down and take its place for even more winning combinations. The Sugar Pops continue until all combinations have concluded.

If you line up 4 of the same candy, you'll form a Super Color combination. On the next spin, if the Super Color matches with any colors before the next spin, you'll get a multiplier bonus.

Match 5 or more of the same candy and get a Color Bomb. Combine the Color Bomb with any matching color before the next spin to explode every single color on the reel for a huge payout.

Once the matching candy is lined up, it will pop and award a payout. Red candy pays the most, followed by blue, then green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple respectively.

Sugar Pop Slots Special Candies

SugarPop Slots feature the regular candy to form winning combinations as well as special candy with certain properties. The more you play, the more you'll fill the candy meter to level up and have access to even more special candies. You'll immediately start with a Lollipop which swirls the candy around on the slot to form new combinations. At level 2, a Caramel Chew takes a random path around the reels to crush all candy in its path for pay. At level 4, White Chocolate shoots almonds to explode nearby candies for quick wins. Keep going all the way to level 20 for an extra sweet special candy.

Sugar Pop Slots Bonus

As you're spinning, keep an eye on the Bonus Pattern to the left of the game. Match the pattern indicated and get 1200 points instantly to boost you towards the next level of the game.

Sugar Pop Slots Review

Sugar Pop Slots is as sweet as they come. If you're on a sugar rush, you won't be bored given all the delicious features and bonuses. The game's leveling system encourages replay and rewards progression. You can have your fun and sweet it too.