Wrath of Medusa Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Greek Mythology, Ancient Greece

Enjoy the gameplay of a video slot with the immersive storytelling of a video game in Rival's first Rival Alive (Rivalive) title Wrath of Medusa Slots. An epic battle between man and Medusa takes place in real time right on your screen as you spin to win riches and treasure.

With the famed Medusa threatening to turn you to stone, how will you fare? If you're not a fan of snakes, you might want to skip this one.

How to Play Wrath of Medusa Slots

Wrath of Medusa starts with a cinematic intro which you can skip by selecting the Skip button or watch all the way through to immerse yourself in the game's environment.

Start by setting up your bet by selecting the Menu button- the three vertical stacked lines- in the bottom left corner. Navigate to the Bet Options menu by selecting the casino chip. Then select your coin denomination, or value, and the number of coins you'll bet. The maximum bet is $50.00; the minimum is $0.20. The more you bet, the greater your winnings will be.

Once you've set your bet, you can spin one at a time by selecting the Spin button. Or let the game do the work for you bet selecting the Auto Spin button in the top right. You can choose to have the game spin for you 3 times, 25 times, 50 times, or 99 times.

Wrath of Medusa Slots Payouts

To get a payout in Wrath of Medusa, match 3, 4, or 5 consecutive symbols on one of the 243 of the game's active paylines. The more symbols you match, the bigger your payout.

In order from highest to lowest payout, the symbols available for matching are the Coin, Medusa, Swords, Snake, Bow, Shield, Dagger, Pot, Helmet, Heart, Spade, Diamond, and Clover.

Wrath of Medusa Slots Features

The Medusa symbol acts as a Wild symbol, substituting in for other symbols to help form combos for payouts. When possible, Medusa will expand to fill the entire reel.

Soldier symbols will activate the game's free spin feature when you find 3 or more on the reels. During free spins, the Soldier symbol takes the place of the Medusa symbol to act as a Wild. These Soldiers are sticky symbols and will remain in place, triggering re-spins when they're part of a win.

You're lucky to have an army behind you as you face the Wrath of Medusa. Whatever you do, just don't look her in the eye.