Before joining the Affiliate Program as an Affiliate, please be certain that you have read and understood this agreement in its entirety. Your use of this website and/or registration as an Affiliate constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions on this page are updated periodically so be sure to refer back often to assure that you are familiar with all of the terms and conditions at all times; you the Affiliate will be bound by these changes.



  • (a) AffCoins Limited is the operator of the Affiliate Program; and
  • (b) Affiliates may market and promote certain casinos represented by the Affiliate Program; and
  • (c) These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the AFFcoins and you the Affiliate.


  1. 1. Definitions
  2. 2. Terms of use
  3. 3. Appointment as an Affiliate
  4. 4. Grant and Nature of License
  5. 5. Use of Intellectual Property and Marketing Material
  6. 6. AFFcoins's Obligations
  7. 7. Affiliate Obligations
  8. 8. Confidential Information
  9. 9. Data Protection
  10. 10. Money Laundering
  11. 11. Commission
  12. 11.A.1 Commission Schedule
  13. 12. Termination
  14. 12.A.1 Sale of Business
  15. 12.A.2 Death of Affiliate
  16. 13. Relationship of Parties
  17. 14. Indemnity, disclaimers and Limitation of Liability
  18. 15. Miscellaneous
  19. 16. Progressive Contributions

Anti-Spam Policy

AFFcoins and our clients absolutely DO NOT tolerate spam of any kind.

Please take note of the following: If any person(s) is revealed to have taken part in the dissemination of any form of Spam (sending unrequested bulk messages that are not in compliance with ICANN Spam Act) their account will be placed under investigation. While under examination all commission due to such person(s) will be withheld. Pending the outcome of further investigation, AFFcoins maintains the right to preclude such person(s) from further involvement in AFFcoins Affiliate Program. In addition, if any expenses incurred by our clientele are shown to be clearly resultant from the encroachment of this policy (including legal fees) they will be withdrawn from any attributable account balance at the time of the offense. If the account balance is found to be deficient, all pending payments will be withheld until the expenses have been fully compensated.

Should you require more information regarding our Anti-Spam Policy, or wish to report any incidences of Spam, please contact us at support@affcoins.com.

E-Mail Marketing Guidelines

If you wish to legitimately market by email we require that you strictly adhere to the following guidelines. These guidelines are in place to certify the quality of our marketing practices as well as those of our affiliates.

You must abide by the following guidelines if you wish to be an AFFcoins affiliate:

  • You may only commence mailings to any person(s) once you have received their explicit and informed consent. This process must be opt-in; it must be acutely understood that all communications between yourself and a subscriber may only occur with mutual consent. No person(s) should ever have to terminate a subscription to a mailing list they did not intend to subscribe to.
  • Once a person subscribes to your mailing list, you must provide an easy method for termination of said subscription if they wish to do so. This method must be user-friendly, with easy-to-understand instructions for termination. Once a subscription has been voluntarily terminated, mailings to such persons must cease immediately.
  • You must be certain that the content you are mailing to your subscribers is in fact precisely what the subscriber requested. You must be sure that the recipients of your mailing list have opted in to the category of mailing list you are sending them.
  • You must proactively prevent the use of your mailing list for abusive aims. There are many cases of mailing lists being acquired by third parties for means that are not genuine. Be certain that your mailing list does not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Mailing addresses that are found to be invalid or undeliverable for any reason must be immediately removed from mailing list. This ensures that your impact on the specific networks and hosts of others is minimized.
  • You must fully inform your subscribers of the subject and frequency of your mailings. Subscribers must be explicitly briefed on the subject matter of mailings and the estimated frequency at which these mailings will be sent. If you find you must change the frequency or size of your mailings substantially, you must prior inform your subscribers.
  • If a person subscribes to one mailing list you may not automatically add them to additional lists without informed consent. Potential and existing subscribers to your mailing lists must be fully aware of what their subscription entails. The terms and conditions of the use of their email addresses must be divulged to all potential and existing participants. This information must be easily viewable by subscribers and must include the following information: for what purposes potential/existing subscribers' email addresses will be used, and whether or not these email addresses are subject to be sold or traded with third parties.