Take The Kingdom Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video

A fiery dragon threatens your lands. Are you brave enough to stand before it and take the kingdom?

Betsoft's Take the Kingdom Slots is an online video slot by Betsoft released in December 2021. The 5 reel, 5 row slot has a 96.53% RTP, 100 paylines and maximum win of 3640x your maximum bet. Take the Kingdom is playable on desktop browser or on mobile devices using iOS or Android.

Take the Kingdom Slots Gameplay

Take the Kingdom Slots runs on a 7-spin system. Each time you spin, the Fireball Countdown decreases by 1, starting at a full countdown on 7. When the countdown hits 0, any Fireball symbols on the slot explode by turning into Wild symbols for greater wins. Following the explosion, the Fireball symbols and Fireball Countdown reset.

Any changes to your bet during the 7 spins will reset the Fireball symbols. Be sure to place your bet at the start of the 7 spin sequence and keep it there until the countdown reaches 0.

Battling the Dragon to Take the Kingdom

The Fireball symbols are set by the dragon any time it breathes onto the board. Dragon icons appear on the board and immediately morph into Fireball symbols, which persist on the slot during your remaining spin sequence. Regular symbols will still appear underneath the Fireballs, all of which then turn into Wilds when the dragon roars and breathes fire onto the slot at the end of the sequence.

Take the Kingdom Free Spins Mode

When 3 Treasure Chest Scatter symbols appear on the board, Free Spin mode is activated. During the 12 free spins, the Fireball Countdown is paused.

During free spins, 6, 9, or 12 Wild symbols are scattered around the board. Each time you spin, the Wild symbols move to a new location on the slot.

Take the Kingdom Slots Buy Feature

Betsoft games have a unique Buy Feature that allows players to purchase a number of free spins - 12 free spins in the case of Take the Kingdom. You can choose to play your free spins with 6 Wild symbols, or fireballs, 9 Wild symbols, or 12 Wild symbols. The more Wild symbols you choose, the higher the cost of the Buy Feature, and the more chances you'll have to form winning combinations.

If you're a fan of dragons, medieval lore, or fantasy storytelling, Take the Kingdom is an enjoyable experience to take on a dragon from the safety of your own home. I guarantee you won't get burned.