Primal Wilderness Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel
Nature, Animals
Betsoft is back with another wild slot in Primal Wilderness Slots online slot machine. With 1,024 different ways to win and stacking free spins, this is one game that will have you roaring in delight.

About Primal Wilderness Slots

Developed by Betsoft, an industry leader in iGaming slots, in March of 2022, Primal Wilderness Slots is an online virtual slot machine with a wild bear theme. You can play this 5 reel, 4 line slot on your browser as well as on your mobile iOS or Android device. In Primal Wilderness, you can win up to 3310 times your maximum bet with a 95.28 RTP. Primal Wilderness pays for all combinations of contiguous symbols, giving players 1,024 different ways to win.

Primal Wilderness is a slot for those who love animals. You’ll play with woodland creatures set in a forest with the sounds of bird chirping heard against the game’s music.

Primal Wilderness Slots Wilds

Much like its theme, Primal Wilderness Slots has its own wild system. The symbol is shaped like dripping honey to entice the game’s bears, complete with a couple of departing bees. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol.

During the game’s free spin feature, the wild symbol will appear with a 2x multiplier, 3x multiplier, or 4x multiplier.

Then the wild multipliers themselves multiply.

So if you have two 2x multipliers, all of your wins are multiplied by 4 (2x2). Or you might get lucky and find three 3x multipliers. Then all of your wins are multiplied by 27 (3x3x3).

Primal Wilderness Slots Free Spins

Free spins in Primal Wilderness Slots are triggered by finding 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols (shown as a glowing rock with claw marks symbol) in any position on the slot.

Finding 3 scatter symbols awards a 52.00 payout plus 8 free spins.

Finding 4 scatter symbols is a 260.00 payout with 12 free spins.

And if you have 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the slot, you’ll get a 520.00 payout with 20 free spins.

Primal Wilderness Slots Review

With so many different ways to win, payouts come fast and often during regular spins. Add in the multiplying wilds during free spin mode and you’ll find yourself flush with cash in no time.

I did find the manual spins to be on the slower side – great for people who want to enjoy the smooth animation of watching the animals go by. To get to my wins as quickly as possible, I set the maximum bet and employed to auto spin feature.

The lush soundtrack with bird song put me in a relaxing mood, and I enjoyed playing with the frisky foxes, wide-eyed tree frogs, and even the snarling bears. I found myself getting lost in the wilderness as I watched my winnings stack up. It’s not a bad way to pass the time. Just don’t pet the bears.