Affcoins offers you’re the best conversion solution for your casino traffic. Your goal of making the most of your online casino traffic is our goal too, that is why we provide our partners with access to top-notch marketing materials and we constantly work on new marketing material for you, such as:

  • New landing pages (co-branded, language market-focused…)
  • Multi-language marketing material
  • Top converting banners
  • Text links (Flash and Download version)
  • Quality affiliate content
  • Newsletters

Our brands are available in 2 versions:

  • Download
  • Instant Play (Flash)

Do you want to know the performance of your campaigns? You have access to:

  • Real-time stats reporting
  • Advanced analysis tools

You will have a real vision of your performance. There are always ways to maintain it. Your Affiliate Manager is at your service to assist you 24/7. Get the most out of your casino traffic today!

Exclusive Rival Product that can be used as Marketing Material itself:

I-SLOTS, 3D Games, Table Games… over 120 Games!

An exclusive, unique, and innovative version of the slot game, that comes with highly entertaining interactive extras.

  • Multi-reel Slots
  • Multi-line Slots.
  • Players can bet, play and win, while simultaneously entertaining them with an unfolding story.
  • The pleasure of classic slots
  • Part Film
  • Part Video Game


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