Hot Hand Slots

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video, 3-reel
Classic Slot Symbols, Devil

Hot Hand Slots is a fiery retro-themed online slot game from noted game developer Rival. It's got a simple 3 reel, 3 row interface with 5 paylines and a return to player (RTP) of 94.78%. For slot players who like to bring gaming back to the basics, this slot doesn't have any unnecessary bells and whistles. What it does have is a rockin' good time.

Hot Hand Slots Review

Hot Hand Slots sticks with a hot rod theme of flames in red and blue. It's got a sexy she-devil mascot clad in a black leather bodysuit and boots with red hair and red eyes. She keeps an eye on your spins and celebrates by brandishing her pitchfork or giving you a kiss when you get a win. Given the bouncy animations on her ample bosom, this is a game aimed at an audience with an appreciation for the female form and may not appeal to other demographics.

The soundtrack to Hot Hand Slots is a guitar-heavy rock anthem reminiscent of the hair band days. It can add some energy to the game, though if it ever gets repetitive you can turn it off by selecting the Game Menu (three horizontal lines in the bottom left corner), Settings menu (gear icon in the top left) and sliding Background Sounds to the left to turn off the background music. Same with the guitar riffs on any win - if they get to be too much, just slide Enable Sounds over to the left in that same menu to turn them off.

Hot Hand Slots Symbols

Payouts occur when matching symbols appear consecutively from left to right on an active payline.

The She-Devil is the highest paying symbol, topping off at a 225 payout for 3 coins.

Next up is the 7s, with 75 as the payout for 3 coins.

The Diamond symbol pays out 60 for 3 coins.

The Bells pay out 45 for 3 coins.

At 3 coins, the Cherries pay 30.

Diamonds top out at a 3 coin payout of 15.

Spades are a payout of 12 for 3 coins.

Hearts pay 9 at 3 coins.

And finally, Clovers are a payout of 6 for 3 coins.

Wild symbols - the 2x, 3x, and 4x - replace regular symbols to form winning combinations and are multiplied together before being applied to the win. You'll find the 2x multiplier on reel 1, the 3x multiplier on reel 2, and the 4x multiplier on reel 3.

With all of the fire of Hot Hands Slots, you might just work up a little sweat and a lot of fast action payouts.