CandyLand Casino

Up to 700% in Match Bonuses + 35 Free Spins
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Talk about a cute vibe! The CandyLand Casino is such a cute casino, with tons of pastel colors used in the design. It’s clearly navigated, offers incredible promotions, and there are features that you just can’t say no to. There’s no wonder as to why this casino has surged in popularity, so give it your best shot today and see what you can get from it. They have got a really nice selection of games, from slots, to table games, to new games and more. There’s something in here for everybody, which is really nice to be able to say with confidence. Try it out for yourself if this sounds like a place that you’d like to find out more about.

First things first - the look of the CandyLand Casino

As we briefly mentioned beforehand, the CandyLand Casino has been designed using pretty pastels colors, so there’s a lot of blue and pink. From a first impression, it gives a slight feminine feel, but then again, there are just as many girl gamers out there as there are men, so this one could be better suited for the girls. On their homepage, they have got their main promotions on display. They are constantly flicking from one to another here, which is really important because it’s what immediately sucks us into wanting to play.

They also have their main menu located on the homepage, so it’s here that you can flick through your options. There are things like the all games header, the live casino header, new games, popular slots, table and more. Further on underneath this, there’s the eternally growing jackpot, which is going to one day explode, and who knows, maybe award you.

Unmissable games in the CandyLand Casino

There are so many great games to choose from here in the CandyLand Casino, and the main ones are the Battle of Rome slots, the Viking Treasures slot, the Galaxy Stars slot, the Stealing Christmas slot, the 10 Times Vegas slot, the Sea Treasures slot, the Golden Children slot, the Jingle Bell Jackpots slot, the Crazy Christmas slot, the Irish Wishes slot, the Sands of Space slot and many, many more. It’s amazing because the CandyLand Casino puts a special emphasis on slot games, so you’re definitely going to find a bit of everything in here. Whether you enjoy themes of murder, romance or science, everything’s going to be in here for you.

Best promotions worth knowing about

There are also some really great promotions to try out here in the CandyLand Casino, and the main ones are advertised on the home screen. Some of the best ones, that are available to everyone, include the welcome bonuses. There are 2, and the first one has got a 400% weekly special, which is pretty good. As well as that, there’s the second welcome bonus, and this one includes 100% cashback insurance. Then there are the weekly promotions which include the raffle and cashtravanganza. Check them out and use some of them for yourself, because why not?

The results

Playing with the CandyLand Casino is a step in the right direction, so consider them today and see what sort of wild opportunities come your way. With its cute design and many other factors, there’s not much reason not to consider the use of this slot. Experiment and don’t be afraid to try out something brand new, because there are just way too many brilliant options in here. Take it all under your arm, spin the reels and choose the game of your choice. There’s so many people talking about this slot, and now it can be you.