BitBetWin No Deposit Bonus Codes

BitBetWin is a pure crypto casino that lets you play games online without sharing your identity. When you gamble on this site, you can add and remove money to your account by using simple wallet transactions. You'll have to add funds to the specific platform with the games you want to play on, and you can add money to more than one platform at once. This online casino is unique and is ideal for gamblers that want a fun play experience without having to register all their information on the casino.

Unique Slots and More

One of the initial details we noticed when testing BitBetWin is that this site doesn't offer well-known games for you to choose from. If you play here, you'll pick from games you've likely never seen before. There are dozens of slots, a few table games, and more, and they come in many different themes. You must test these other games to learn which are worth playing and which you should avoid. We enjoyed that most of these slots were exclusives and were new experiences for us, but the selection isn't as large as what's offered at many other online casinos.

Partner Sites

Each game here is offered from partner sites that work closely with BitBetWin. When you play here, you get games from SkillMine, Paradise, Orion Stars, Lucky Dragon, and many other partner sites. Each site offers different games and a different play experience. Try all of them at this one location, or visit the platforms separately to test them there.

Claim $5 Immediately

Registering and making a free account here gives you access to a quick $5 bonus. This little cash bonus is immediately credited to your account, so you have some money to wager with. It isn't much, but the money is enough to try a slot or two with real money. It's a chance to help you start here.

Get a 50% Welcome Bonus

When you finalize your initial deposit, you can claim a 50% deposit match bonus simultaneously. It isn't a generous offer compared to other casinos, but it's one of the best bonuses you'll get here.

Small Ongoing Bonus Offers

Regular promotions are available for you to select, but most aren't very large. These bonuses are 20% to 50% deposit match offers that give you a bit extra, but nothing like other leading casinos offer.

Raise Your User Level for Better Bonuses

Play on BitBetWin for longer and earn bonuses for your efforts. As a player at this casino, you'll raise your User Level from the starting level of 1 to a maximum of 13. To raise your level, you must wager, and as you do, you'll unlock bigger cashback prizes and more significant withdrawal limits.

No Free Play Support

Many casinos enable you to try games for free until you get used to them. That's not possible here. Instead, you must fund your account to play games. If you want to try a slot or table game, add funds for the game you are interested in and wager a low amount until you're comfortable with the option. You can still get used to most games without using too much money if you take this approach.

BitBetWin is a casino focused on accepting crypto payments quickly and giving you access to all the most important features a casino can offer. You'll have fun playing here, but you won't get as many games or the large bonuses you could have at a different casino. If that sounds good, you should sign up and play here. Otherwise, you should look at a different option.