88 Frenzy Fortune Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel

Given its name, 88 Frenzy Fortunes Slots is a surprisingly calming and simple online video slot made by iGaming developer Betsoft. It has 3 reels, 3 lines, and only 1 payline. If you're looking for a game that lets you focus on winning without a whole lot of distractions. 88 Frenzy Fortunes is the slot for you.

How to Play 88 Frenzy Fortune Slots

88 Frenzy Fortune Slots only has one option for betting. There are no coins, denominations, values, or additional wagers you need to worry about. You just set your bet and then forget about it.

There are just a few options for betting in 88 Frenzy Fortune. The minimum bet is $0.06 followed by $0.18, $0.60, $1.50, $2.25, $3.90 $6.00, $9.00, $12.00, $21.00, and a maximum bet of $30.00 per spin.

To spin, select the Spin button with two rotating arrows at the bottom right of the slot. The Auto Spin button is just above it where you can select the number of spins the game will automatically play and the bet for each spin. It will display the total cost of your auto spin selection at the bottom of the screen. Then select Start Auto to play. Stop at any time by selecting that same Auto Spin button, which has now turned into a Stop button.

88 Frenzy Fortune Slots Payouts

There's only one payline in 88 Frenzy Fortune Slots. It's the middle row of the slot indicated by a horizontal magenta line with glowing endpoints.

To win, match three orange 88s for a payout of 8,880.00. Match three yellow 88s for a 1,680.00 payout. Match 3 silver 88s on the payline for 680.00. Any 3 goldfish pairs wins 380.00. 3 single goldfish is 180.00. Any combination of 88s in any color on the payline is 180.00. Any combination of 3 fish is 60.00. And any 3 symbols on the payline pays 30.00.

88 Frenzy Fortune 4th Reel

On reel 4, separate from the main slot, is a bonus 4th reel. Any time you hit a winning combination on the main 3 reels, you'll have an opportunity for a bonus to land on the 4th reel. Bonuses include 2x, 5x, or 8x your win, 8x or 18x the amount of your current bet, or a respin bonus. The respin bonus triggers a respin of all 4 reels for a 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier, and can be retriggered up to 5 times.

With a refreshingly simple interface and gameplay, the frenzy isn't in the experience of 88 Frenzy Fortune Slots, but the fortune is. Try it today at your favorite online casino.